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Alex Manrufo, Co-founder, and President of Dolce Green, boasts a diverse background in technology, finance, and entrepreneurship. With a successful track record in the short rental business and a bachelor’s degree from the United Kingdom, Alex brings a wealth of expertise to the company.

Excited to embark on this venture, Alex eagerly anticipates assembling a team of dedicated and professional individuals to enhance outdoor spaces throughout South Florida. His passion and unwavering commitment for excellence drives Dolce Green’s mission forward.

Drawing from his past experiences, Alex envisions expanding Dolce Green’s presence in the outdoor design space and beyond. At the core of Dolce Green’s values lie higher standards, honesty, and a commitment to delivering superior customer service from inception to completion.

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Arleen Leon Manrufo, Co-founder and Operations Director of Dolce Green, leverages her extensive experience in the construction community. Having served as both a building department supervisor and a permit clerk for the Village of Pinecrest, Arleen’s keen eye for structure and design solutions is a product of her immersive involvement in South Florida’s construction industry.

Driven by a shared vision with her husband, Arleen embarked on a mission to introduce Dolce Green’s exceptional grass fence to South Florida. In addition to this endeavor, she has expertly managed a vacation rental business for seven years, showcasing her prowess in business management.

As a wife, mother of three, and avid construction enthusiast, Arleen’s passion for entrepreneurship is matched only by her commitment to integrity and excellence in all facets of her work. At Dolce Green, she champions honesty, innovation, and quality, ensuring that each project is executed to the highest standards.

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Joshua Alejandro Manrufo is the Vice-President of Business Development and our selling drive force at Dolce Green. Having spent the majority of his life in the heart of Miami, Josh’s roots run deep within the community. He is a graduate of Coral Gables Senior High School and the University of Miami, where he earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. At just 25 years old, Joshua brings a wealth of experience to the company. Garnered from his involvements in the sport, health, and hospitality industries, he’s navigated diverse challenges with finesse and innovation.

He prioritizes communication and building relationships with everyone that comes to Dolce Green. Fluent in English, Spanish, and French, his trilingual proficiency enriches the business’s reach. Beyond his professional achievements, Joshua’s warmth and authenticity define his character. He often spends his free time outdoors, where he enjoys being the head coach for his competitive 2016 Boys travel soccer team at Miami Beach FC.

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What is a Washable Artificial Grass Fence?

DolceGreen grass walls are effortlessly cleanable using a standard hose. In regions experiencing regular rainfall, natural cleansing takes place, eliminating the requirement for manual washing. There's no need for pressured water, streamlining the maintenance routine.

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