Before and After Gallery

Welcome to our Dolce Green Before and After Gallery! Witness the stunning transformation our Dolce Green Privacy fence brings to ordinary fences. Our gallery showcases the remarkable difference our product makes, enhancing both the beauty and security of any outdoor space. We invite you to scroll through our before and after photos, showcasing how our innovative grass fence elevates the aesthetics and functionality of your property.

Dolce Green Gallery

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Are you curious to check out the quality and beauty of Dolce Green up close? We’d love to send you a free sample so you can see for yourself! Just click the button below to request your complimentary sample, and we’ll send it your way in no time.

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What is a Washable Artificial Grass Fence?

DolceGreen grass walls are effortlessly cleanable using a standard hose. In regions experiencing regular rainfall, natural cleansing takes place, eliminating the requirement for manual washing. There's no need for pressured water, streamlining the maintenance routine.

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