Grass Roll

Grass Roll

Enhance your outdoor area with our top-tier Grass Rolls. Engineered for convenience and longevity, our Grass Rolls deliver the allure of real grass minus the maintenance hassle. You have the option to purchase either a full roll of fence or a small fence panel, both offering the same product in different dimensions.



Our Grass Fence Rolls offer an ideal solution for those seeking the allure of natural grass in their outdoor areas without the hassles of traditional hedge upkeep. Crafted from premium materials, our Fence Rolls boast durability, adaptability, and straightforward installation, catering to various needs.

Whether you’re a homeowner envisioning a verdant garden retreat, a business proprietor keen on elevating your property’s curb appeal, or a landscape architect involved in a public park venture, our Grass Fence Rolls deliver an appealing, low-effort answer.

Each fence Roll is meticulously designed to replicate the look and feel of an authentic grass fence, providing a lifelike aesthetic. Engineered to resist UV damage, they retain vibrant color and withstand sunlight exposure without fading. Moreover, they’re engineered to endure 4 season weather changes, making them suitable for playgrounds, schools, construction sites and recreational zones.

Bid farewell to the labor-intensive chores of trimming, watering, and fertilizing, and relish in a lush green hedge year-round with no gardening costs. Transform your outdoor space effortlessly and revel in the convenience and charm of our Premium Fence Rolls.

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What is a Washable Artificial Grass Fence?

DolceGreen grass walls are effortlessly cleanable using a standard hose. In regions experiencing regular rainfall, natural cleansing takes place, eliminating the requirement for manual washing. There's no need for pressured water, streamlining the maintenance routine.

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